Holy Toledo!

I am here in lovely Toledo, OH tonight. Traveling for work again, seems to be becoming the rule rather than the exception. When I checked into my hotel I was greeted by the gentlemen behind the counter who worked rapidly to get me checked in. After a few moments of working he looked up and said “you were here last week, weren’t you”? Confused, I told him that I hadn’t been to this hotel before and he insisted that I looked familiar and he thought I had been a hotel guest the previous week.

This has happened to me before and I’m not exactly sure why.  Can you buy Michael Colson masks at halloween stores?

1 thought on “Holy Toledo!

  1. alexcolson

    Yes, I have seen those Michael Colson masks that you are taking about. They are very scary and realistic.

    I heard some people use them on scarecrows and birds would just fall out of the air dead after looking at them. One farmer had to remove the masks after all his crops within a 500 foot radius died. That is one ugly mask.


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