Reset Trend Micro OfficeScan Password

This procedure comes in handy if you have forgotten the unlock/uninstall password for your installation of Trend Micro OfficeScan.  I have also had to use similar procedures for migration projects where it was desired to have a different AntiVirus installation upon migration.

The password for the Trend Micro OfficeScan is stored in a file called Ofcscan.ini.  You could easily search your hard drive for this file but it is usually located in C:\WINDOWS or C:\Program Files\Trend.

Open the Ofcscan.ini file and locate the section labeled [INI_CLIENT_SECTION].  Once you’ve gotten down to the appropriate section in the file, look for the Uninstall_Pwd= entry.  You will likely see a long string of characters that represent the password, simply change that to 70 so that your resulting entry will look something like:  Uninstall_Pwd=70.  Save the file and now you can resume your unlocking or uninstalling.  The new password that you’ve set will be 1.

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