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Citrix Certification Details Released

Citrix has finally announced the requirements to obtain their latest engineer and architect level certifications.  They have renamed the engineer level certification from the Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator to the Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer.  The architect program retains the same name of Citrix Certified Integration Architect.

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How to Install The Plazer on Windows Vista x64

After having nearly completely given up hope on ever using the Plazer again, I have discovered a way to make the geo-location application work on my Windows Vista x64 laptop.  If you read my previous post, you know that I had tried to go the route of the Plazer forums to see if there were any known workarounds.  At one point I believe a member of the Plazes Crew even chimed in and said it would require re-coding a significant portion of the .NET application.  Nonsense!

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