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How to Install The Plazer on Windows Vista x64

After having nearly completely given up hope on ever using the Plazer again, I have discovered a way to make the geo-location application work on my Windows Vista x64 laptop.  If you read my previous post, you know that I had tried to go the route of the Plazer forums to see if there were any known workarounds.  At one point I believe a member of the Plazes Crew even chimed in and said it would require re-coding a significant portion of the .NET application.  Nonsense!

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Holy Toledo!

I am here in lovely Toledo, OH tonight. Traveling for work again, seems to be becoming the rule rather than the exception. When I checked into my hotel I was greeted by the gentlemen behind the counter who worked rapidly to get me checked in. After a few moments of working he looked up and said “you were here last week, weren’t you”? Confused, I told him that I hadn’t been to this hotel before and he insisted that I looked familiar and he thought I had been a hotel guest the previous week.

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Good Eats in Shelbyville

If you ever find yourself in Shelbyville, Kentucky apart from asking yourself why you are there, you should check out some of the local dining establishments.

Claudia Sanders (wife of Col. Sanders of KFC fame) restaurant is an excellent place to go for traditional southern cuisine. I had my first ‘hot brown’ which is a native Kentucky dish that consisted of turkey, ham, sauce, with cheese on top, baked in a small casserole dish.

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