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Disable Multimedia Acceleration in XenDesktop

I recently came across a multimedia application that uses the Indeo codec for its video components.  While this codec is supported by HDX it is only supported when it runs within the context of Windows Media Player, QuickTime, or one of the other supported video players.  This particular application made use of its own player which prevented the HDX technologies from enhancing the performance of the videos.

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VDI Connection Brokers

There are only a handful of companies that are currently producing a connection broker product.  If you dig through the documentation from HP, IBM, and others they mention this “optional” magical box that serves as the bridge between the client devices and the hypervisors.  Very few of these vendors who are pushing VDI have come forward and presented a solid connection broker component, which I would consider to be one of the most critical components of VDI.  I have listed them here for convenience in evaluating end-to-end VDI solutions.

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