Outbound Disclaimer in Exchange 2007

This has become a very popular request for companies with Exchange server deployed, to have some kind of legal disclaimer attached to every outbound message. Fortunately the process to make this happen has gotten significantly easier in Exchange 2007. No more fooling around with registering event sinks and messy VBScript.

  1. Open the Exchange Management Console and navigate to Organization Configuration > Hub Transport
  2. Change to the Transport Rules tab
  3. Select the New Transport Rule action from the actions menu on the right
  4. Give your new rule a descriptive name, click Next
  5. Depending on your environment, you may wish to select different conditions on the conditions page.  Most configurations will use the “sent to users inside or outside the organization” condition
    • After selecting this condition change the Step 2 configuration by clicking on the Inside and changing it to Outside, click Next to proceed.
  6. On the actions page we are again presented with lots of options, for this purpose we will choose the “append disclaimer text using font…” option.
    • We have to configure the disclaimer text in Step 2.  You can also change several options like font, text size, and text color.  When you are done, click Next to proceed.
  7. For this example we will not add any exceptions, click Next to continue.
  8. Review the settings on the Create Rule page, click New to apply this rule.

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