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VMware Disk Mount Utility

I needed to modify the sysprep.inf file inside of virtual disk and I needed a utility that would allow me to just use a vanilla text editor on the file.  Why not just power on the virtual machine you say?  Well if I were to power it on then I would have to re-create my sysprep.inf from scratch because there would be no way to stop it from running once Windows started to boot.

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Configure NTP on VMware ESX 3.0

Configuration of NTP is an often overlooked step in setting up a VMware ESX environment.  It is important to keep accurate time not only on the guests but also on the hosts.  In the 3.5 release of ESX you can configure NTP from the VI Client, but some older releases require configuration from the Service Console.  Here are the steps involved in NTP configuration from the Service Console.

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Change Service Console IP Address

For the most part working with networking in a VMware Infrastructure environment can be easily done through the Virtual Infrastructure Client.  However, sometimes the need arises to change the IP address of the Service Console.  While you can go the route of creating a new Service Console port and removing the old one, I find it easier to change the IP details on the original Service Console port from the actual server console.

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