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SSL Error 47 with Citrix Password Manager

SSL Certificates play a big role in a Citrix Password Manager deployment. They help to ensure the password data in the central store is genuine and they also allow for encrypted communications between the Password Manager service and the Password Manager agent. There are lots of things that can go wrong with certificates that will stall your Password Manager deployment.

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Disable Multimedia Acceleration in XenDesktop

I recently came across a multimedia application that uses the Indeo codec for its video components.  While this codec is supported by HDX it is only supported when it runs within the context of Windows Media Player, QuickTime, or one of the other supported video players.  This particular application made use of its own player which prevented the HDX technologies from enhancing the performance of the videos.

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Can Citrix Certifications Ever Keep Up with Product Releases?

Lately I have been on a tear when it comes to taking Citrix certification tests.  I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the exams needed to upgrade my CCEA to the new CCEE.  But a troubling trend has begun to emerge, the exams and certifications seem to have a longer development cycle than the products themselves.

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