Disable Beep in Terminal Services

One of the most often requested ‘tweaks’ for a Citrix or Terminal Services environment is to disable the console beep that annoys users when a dialog box appears in a session.

Its relatively easy to do but does require two different configuration items and a reboot of the Terminal Server.  The first configuration item involves disabling the beep hardware object.

  • First open the device manager.
  • From the View menu select “Show Hidden Devices”
  • Navigate to Non-Plug and Play Drivers > Beep
  • Disable the Beep device

The second part of this configuration is a simple registry edit.

  • HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\DisableBeep = 1

Now all thats left is a reboot.  That should get rid of that annoying beep once and for all!

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