Seeing 2’s in HD

I finally broke down and upgraded to HD today, I already had the TV but I needed to get the HD receiver from my ‘favorite’ cable company… TimeWarner Cable.  The setup was very easy as I have a good bit of experience with setting up multimedia components for other people.

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Citrix Announces New Certifications

Citrix has announced new certifications to go along with their new product releases as well as the changes to their course lineup.  The new certifications are described here: Some changes were definitely needed as the Citrix product offerings have significantly increased over the past few years.

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Installing Lotus Notes on Citrix Presentation Server

Here are some helpful guides on how to install my ‘favorite’ mail client, IBM Lotus Notes on Citrix Presentation Server.  There are very few differences between the installation methods for Lotus Notes versions 6 through 8, but just for completeness I have included links to all of them.  The official Citrix article is quite good and includes screen shots of not only the Lotus Notes installation but also the publishing of Lotus Notes. Continue reading

VMware Disk Mount Utility

I needed to modify the sysprep.inf file inside of virtual disk and I needed a utility that would allow me to just use a vanilla text editor on the file.  Why not just power on the virtual machine you say?  Well if I were to power it on then I would have to re-create my sysprep.inf from scratch because there would be no way to stop it from running once Windows started to boot.

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Configure NTP on VMware ESX 3.0

Configuration of NTP is an often overlooked step in setting up a VMware ESX environment.  It is important to keep accurate time not only on the guests but also on the hosts.  In the 3.5 release of ESX you can configure NTP from the VI Client, but some older releases require configuration from the Service Console.  Here are the steps involved in NTP configuration from the Service Console.

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